Education system

Our school's educational philosophy is to train "practical R & D-type engineers" who have great potential and humanity.
For this reason, the specific educational goals of our school are set as follows.

Main course

  1. Develop the general education subjects necessary for human development as widely as possible, and cultivate a rich culture and a wide range of thinking skills. In addition, train foreign languages ​​and develop their understanding of foreign cultures.
  2. Nurture rich creativity and action through young and fresh sensibility and experiential learning focusing on experiments and practical training.
  3. To acquire the basics of engineering and specialization firmly, and to have a broad professional perspective and comprehensive judgment.
  4. Educate students into habits of thinking, learning, and acting independently, and maintain and improve their mental and physical health.


In order to foster engineers who support society, we will deeply teach the knowledge and technology related to engineering cultivated in the course of five years at a college of technology.

Environmental and Production System Engineering Education Program


Department in charge: Student Section

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