Origin of school badge, school song, school precept

Origin of school badge

The left and right Asahi light means the future brilliant development of our students, and the three left and right arcs of the college of technology train the new type of technicians who respond to technological innovation by being memorable, honest and technical innovation. It has three meanings.

Asahi Hikari symbolizes Asahikawa's Asahi River, and the three lines symbolize Asahikawa's River.

This design was created by Junpei Harada, the first principal of the school.

School song

Lyrics Harada

Music composition: Yashima Shimpo

  • one Shining Shuho Taisetsu and
    Ishikari of the clean stream
    Watching in the morning and evening We are a college of technology Asahikawa
    We are prospering forever (Towa)
  • two The burning youth burns with fire
    A yearning for a high ideal
    While studying the light of hope
    We are a college of technology Asahikawa <
  • three Forging science and technology
    Training the mind and body (body)

    Smell the flowering of engineering
    We are a college of technology Asahikawa
    We are proud of our eternity We are our alma mater
  • four Akira Makoto
    五 Fruitful and enthusiastic here
    We are a college of technology Asahikawa
    Eternal praise We are our alma mater

School lesson (established on November 16, 2012)

With the 50th anniversary celebrated in 2012, we have pledged to take a powerful step toward a new future while inheriting a thriving history and tradition, and have established a school precept.

"Makero Seishin" has been the spiritual backbone since the school opened, and "independent creation" means "independent thinking, learning, and acting" and "cultivating rich creativity" ".

The letter of the school precept in the image was written by Shoko Kanazawa, a female calligrapher.

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