Greetings from the principal

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Introducing Asahikawa National College of Technology.

Japan is shaking. The population is declining and the birthrate is aging rapidly throughout the country and region. Along with this, the industrial structure has changed, and many problems and issues surround us, including the need to respond. In order to overcome these problems and issues, it is highly expected that the science and technology of Japan as a whole will be enhanced and utilized at the global, national and regional levels. In order to enhance and sustain this science and technology capability, human resources who will carry it will be necessary. Asahikawa National College of Technology is an educational and research institution that fosters such human resources (advanced engineers) with the backing of strong faculty and staff.

By adding the latest knowledge that is conscious of the change of the world based on the basic and important scientific and technical knowledge from the past, it is possible to acquire high science and technology. For this reason, faculty members are constantly striving to keep up with the latest trends in science and technology and give back to student education, as well as the basic knowledge. The five-year course at Asahikawa National College of Technology constitutes a five-year integrated curriculum in which general education and specialized education are arranged in a wedge-shaped manner in order to acquire the rich culture and systematic expertise required for advanced engineers. doing. Unlike university education, we place emphasis on experiments, practical training, and exercises so that students can acquire the ability to apply what they have learned. This department consists of four departments: Mechanical Systems Engineering, Electrical and Information Engineering, Systems and Control Engineering, and Materials and Chemical Engineering. Students can gain the world-class science and technology in each field.

As a course after completing this course, a two-year major course consisting of a major in production systems engineering and a major in applied chemistry has been established. The objective of the major is to educate advanced engineers who have deepened their engineering knowledge and skills based on the education of this department for five years. You can earn a bachelor's degree. Students can acquire more science and technology as advanced engineers than in our main course.

Asahikawa National College of Technology is a school that can produce meaningful value from unique and new ideas and become an institution for producing human resources with the spirit to bring about social, scientific and technological change. Is a dream, and I feel responsible.

In addition to the above-mentioned human resource development, not only for the development of international exchange aimed at globalization, contribution to local schools and communities by conducting open lectures, and contribution to industry revitalization through industry-academia-government collaboration Also, the principal and faculty members will work together as a unit, so we appreciate your understanding and support.

Principal: Kaoru Takahashi

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