Department of Applied Chemistry

Fostering environmentally friendly technology and R & D capabilities

Department of Applied Chemistry is based on the basic academic ability acquired in the Department of Materials and Chemical Engineering of this department. Etc.) to foster practical and creative R & D-type engineers who can flexibly respond to the research and development of environmentally friendly industrial products and new technologies, etc. The goal is to do.

Educational goals and curriculum composition policy

Schedule and syllabus

Special research

In order to learn more about the basics of engineering knowledge and technology cultivated during the five-year course at a technical college, and to become a specialist in industrial technology that will support society in the future , It takes about 2 years for special research. The recent special research themes are shown below.

  • Optimizing production conditions for protist metabolites
  • Evaluation of chiral discrimination ability of poly (phenylacetylene) having amide group derived from L-isoleucine
  • Purification of Arabidopsis mutant coniferaldehyde double bond reductase mutant and examination of crystallization conditions
  • Synthesis of phenylethynylstyrene derivatives with bulky substituents and study on their radical copolymerizability and thermal properties of the resulting polymers--4-(2-(4'-tert-butylphenyl) ethynyl) styrene-
  • Preparation and application of porous electrode composed of copper fine particles
  • Anode corrosion protection and crack formation mechanism of aluminum alloy
  • Purification of decarboxylase PhcF from lignin-degrading bacteria and examination of crystallization conditions
  • Control of production of microalgae-derived metabolites obtained from the environment

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