Production System Engineering

Development of comprehensive R & D capabilities in border areas

Based on the basic scholastic ability acquired in the Departments of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Electrical and Information Engineering, and Control and Information Engineering, the Department of Production Systems Engineering can also deal with various issues in the boundary area field where the technologies of each specialized field are integrated. To develop engineers with comprehensive R & D capabilities who can play an active part in the production system field that combines technologies such as computer use/application technology, electronics technology, control technology, and information/network technology. The goal is to do.

Educational goals and curriculum composition policy

Schedule and syllabus

Special research

In order to learn more about the basics of engineering knowledge and technology cultivated during the five-year course at a technical college, and to become a specialist in industrial technology that will support society in the future , It takes about 2 years for special research. The recent special research themes are shown below.

  • Mass transfer and electrical properties of multilayer anodic oxide films
  • Titanium dioxide growth by sputtering method and its application to dye-sensitized solar cells
  • Generator operation planning problem
  • Fabrication of a cloth cutting machine using a one-chip microcomputer
  • Application of Small World Theory to AGV Path Design
  • "Study on shape measurement and evaluation of artificial joints"
  • "Reverse engineering research"
  • "Evaluation and examination of economical operation system of new microgrid system using unused energy considering environment"
  • "Basic research on displacement measurement using acceleration sensor"
  • "Development of bus information display system using Java applet"
  • "Study on optimal operation of power storage device"
  • "Development and combustion characteristics of wood pellet stove"
  • "Numerical analysis of color and brightness in bright flame"
  • "Spray combustion characteristics of BDF with pour point depressant"
  • "Trial production of two-degree-of-freedom experimental equipment-dynamic imbalance and damping-"

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