JABEE accredited education program

JABEE Certified Education Program "Environmental and Production System Engineering"
Notice Concerning Expiration Date of Certification

The "Environmental and Production System Engineering" education program, which had been accredited by the Japan Institute of Engineers Certification (JABEE) since 2004, has expired on March 31, 1938. However, it will not be updated by subsequent certification review.
学生 As a result, please note that students who complete a major after 3rd year of Reiwa (students who enroll in a major after 2nd year of Reiwa) cannot be certified as a JABEE accredited education program.
At our school, we will strive to maintain an educational program equivalent to JABEE accreditation standards, such as enrichment of specialty courses, and continue to assure education quality through continuous improvement based on third-party evaluations such as institutional accreditation evaluations. Thank you for your understanding.

July 31, Reiwa
Asahikawa National College of Technology Takahashi Bridge Kaoru


Asahikawa National College of Technology has been in charge of international engineering education to foster engineers with the ability to contribute to society in the 21st century. We have an "Environmental and Production Systems Engineering" education program consisting of a four-year curriculum up to the second grade.

This educational program was certified by JABEE (Japan Institute of Engineering Certification) in May 2005 in the field of engineering (integrated multi-disciplinary and new domains), and has the same name as a university. Is allowed.

Education program

Name: Environmental and production system engineering

Technology: Engineering (integrated composite/new domain)-related engineering field

Curriculum etc.

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