Regional collaboration and research

Outline of Regional Collaboration and Research Promotion Center

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Industry-academia collaboration involves the cooperation of companies and schools to promote development projects such as innovation activities in order to strengthen local industries. For this reason, we have prepared various support and cooperation systems.
The Regional Collaboration and Research Promotion Center responds to technical consultations and joint research inquiries and applications from regional companies.
Regarding the project you requested, we will introduce qualified teachers, promote industry-academia collaboration while utilizing the following system, and work on organizational and strategic joint research with local companies. Contribute to development.

"What you can do with the Regional Collaboration and Research Promotion Center."

◎ Help with manufacturing
① I want to solve a technical problem. ⇒ Technical consultation
The Regional Collaboration and Research Promotion Center responds to consultations on research and development from non-members such as companies.
In addition to responding to requests for research and consulting on technical cooperation, it is also a consultation desk for joint research and contract research.
《Application Form》
《Specializations and consultation fields of each faculty member》
② I want to develop products and technologies, so I want to cooperate and research. ⇒ Collaborative research
This is a joint research conducted by a faculty member and a joint researcher on a common theme by accepting researchers and research expenses from companies.

《Application Form》
③ We want to outsource trial production and evaluation related to research. ⇒ Contract research
The faculty members of the school conduct research as commissioned by companies and report the results of research to the companies that commissioned the research.

《Application Form》
④ I want to make a prototype using my own equipment at Asahikawa National College of Technology. ⇒ Shared use of equipment
We share the facilities and equipment owned by our school with local companies.
When using the equipment, the school staff provides operation guidance (pay) and technical guidance (pay) is available upon request, so you can use it safely and securely.
⇒ For details,Click here.
◎ Help human resources development
① Acceptance of trainees (skill acquisition, corporate support)
② Acceptance of joint researchers (joint research, joint development)
◎ Help with lifelong learning
①Open Lecture ⇒Click here for details.
②Consultation of planning, seminars, workshops, etc., dispatch of lecturers ⇒ Please consult with the General Affairs Division.
◎ Partnership activities
① Collaboration with industry ⇒Click here.
② Cooperation with local governments, financial institutions, and research institutions
③ Collaboration with universities, other colleges of technology, elementary and junior high schools, etc.

Other activities of the Center for Regional Collaboration and Research Promotion

1. Support for creation of regional innovation
  • Cooperation with the food, agriculture, medical and welfare industries
  • Solving issues in cold snowy regions
  • Support for fabless entrepreneurship
2. Promotion of technology transfer and fostering of practical techniques
  • Matching school seedswith local needs
  • Creation of intellectual property in cooperation with local companies
  • Reinforce joint research with local companies and reflect it in student education
  • Conduct of briefings on new technologies (including new equipment) and education of corporate engineers
3. Producing and securing excellent human resources in local areas
  • Foster local employment opportunities for students at our school
  • Promote UI turn activities for graduates
  • Promotion of promotion of local companies through industry-academia-government collaboration

About scholarship donations

A company or an individual volunteer will make a donation to the school and use it to enhance academic research and education.
《Application Form》

For technical consultation or joint research, please contact below.

Asahikawa National College of Technology Regional Collaboration and Research Promotion Center
TEL 0166-55-8129 (charge: General Affairs Division)
FAX 0166-55-8082
E-mail @ crenkei @
(The at sign of the e-mail address is written in uppercase. When sending an e-mail, please modify it to a lowercase at sign (@) and send it. Please.)

Department in charge: General Affairs Division

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