Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

Mechanical engineering: key technologies supporting industry

Knowledge of mechanical engineering is not limited to the manufacture of transport equipment such as automobiles and aircraft, home appliances such as TVs and refrigerators, precision equipment such as watches and cameras, as well as plastic products, clothing and processed foods. Is required.

Engineers who have learned mechanical engineering in this way are required in all fields of industrial product production, and in particular, recently applied and fused computer knowledge with conventional mechanical engineering knowledge. Is required.

Therefore, in the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, classes in each field (heat/fluids, materials/materials, production/design, information/control) were conducted in all grades while conducting classes using computers. We will learn specialized knowledge and technology in, and apply it comprehensively in machine training, drafting, mechanical engineering experiments and graduation research in the fifth grade.

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Educational goals and curriculum composition policy

Schedule and syllabus

Graduation research list

In graduation research in the fifth grade, we aim to acquire the ability to apply knowledge and technology in various fields of mechanical engineering comprehensively and to foster "engineers who can make things by themselves".

In fiscal 2018, we conducted graduation research on the following themes.

  • Research on resin flow in mold for injection molding machine
  • Trial production of filament forming device for 3D printer
  • A Study on Drag Acting on Objects in Air Flow
  • Development of smartphone app using machine learning
  • Development of rice field dam system to reduce flood damage
  • Development of an automatic driving system for snow removal
  • Equivalence ratio measurement of laminar premixed flame by flame color
  • Quantification of Flame Color of Laminar Diffusion Flame and Its Determinants
  • Study on the Flame Color of Laminar Premixed Carbon Monoxide Flames
  • 3D Finite Element Analysis of Garage
  • 2D finite element analysis of portal structure subjected to forced vibration
  • Impact stress analysis of beams by three-dimensional finite element method
  • Numerical calculation method using deep learning
  • Thermal fluid analysis for elucidation of coffee stain phenomenon
  • Improvement of motion analysis code of propeller for auto rotation
  • Vibration control of suspended load mounted on swing robot arm
  • Development of throwing competition support robot
  • Development of teaching materials for mechanical mechanisms
  • Study on long aluminum square pipe processing machine Proposal of measuring method of work material processing accuracy
  • Research on 3D shape measurement and shape processing technology
  • Reproduction and quality evaluation of analog true random number circuit using PSoC
  • Stress analysis based on blood flow measurement using laser speckle
  • Effect of Punching Clearance on Hole Expandability of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Department in charge: Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

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