Hokkaido Junior Doctor Training School [HJDC]

What is a junior doctor training school?

JST's "Junior Doctor Training School", a next-generation human resource development project, aims to develop outstanding human resources who will drive future science and technology innovation. The project aims to identify elementary and junior high school students with motivation and outstanding abilities, and support systematic efforts to expand their abilities through learning in the fields of science and mathematics and information.

In fiscal 2019, our school was adopted as the only JST Junior Doctor Training School in the Hokkaido area, and will open the Hokkaido Junior Doctor Training School.

Features of Hokkaido Junior Doctor Training School

Isn't it that you have grown up in rich nature since you were a child? There are many wonders in nature.
Society is changing rapidly, and we will enter the age of Society 5.0. To that end, it is necessary to find talent and develop human resources in a new era.
National College of Technology focuses on experiments and practical training, and features practical education that deepens understanding of specialized fields linked to classes.

In the blessed educational environment of Asahikawa National College of Technology,
・ A lot of learning and experience to realize their aptitude and take the initiative to find out the cause of the phenomenon in question
・ Understand why, add scientific thinking and original technical ideas to solve unknown problems
Do you not learn aiming at that?

Connect with various people, work hard, and grow yourself into the future.
待 っ We are waiting for your application.

● 2019 schedule

> >
Sunday, July 28, 2019Orientation
August 2nd (Fri) and 3rd (Sat), 2019Facilities tour① (2 days and 1 night)Hokkaido University etc.
August 2, 2019 (Fri)Voluntary Exploration Project①Self-discovery game
Aug. 29, 2019 (Thursday), 31 (Sat.)Experience-based courses ①, ② (information and AI)AI introductory mini course
September 12, Thursday, September 28, 2019Experience-based courses ③, ④ (Science)Measure the size of the earth
Thursday, October 10, 2019, 26th (Sat)Experience-based course ⑤, ⑥ (mathematics)Mathematics to watch-no matter where you look What is it?
Wednesday, January 8, 2020Special LectureSpeaker Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 章 Professor Akira Suzuki
Wednesday, January 8, 2020Voluntary Exploration Project②Self-discovery game
Thursday, November 7, 2019, 23rd (Sat)Experience-based course ⑦, ⑧ (mechanics and mechanics)Create an engine that runs on exhaust heat Wax
December 5, 2019 (Thu), 21 (Sat)Experience-based courses ⑨, ⑩ (control/robot)Drone flight control programming
Wednesday, January 9 and Thursday, January 9, 2020Facilities tour② (one night and two days)Hokkaido University of Information Sciences, Uematsu Electric etc.
January 16 (Thu) and 25 (Sat) 2020Experience-based courses ⑪, 電 気 (Electrical and Electronic/IoT)Quantum Computer and Cryptographic Communication
Thursday, February 6, 2020, Saturday 22nd 2020Experience-based courses I and II (Chemistry and Biology)Let's make a hydroponic cultivation kit !
March 2020Voluntary Exploration Projects ③, tPresentation

* 17:00 to 19:00 on weekdays. Participation in a remote lecture form via the Internet from home is also possible. Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00. Please participate in Asahikawa National College of Technology.
* Some schedules may change.

Q & A

Q What is "Hokkaido Junior Doctor Training School"?
A. Various subjects in the fields of science and mathematics and information for 40 elementary school fifth-grade to third-year junior high school students in Hokkaido, mainly in the suburbs of Asahikawa. Through learning and experience (about two or three times a month), students who have a high level of motivation and outstanding abilities in the field are discovered (1st year), and the ability is given to 10 students selected therefrom. This is an initiative to develop an advanced program (2nd year) to further expand the business.

Q Are there any conditions necessary for applying?
A If you are selected from 5th grade elementary school to 3rd grade junior high school living in Hokkaido, you can apply for more than 60% of the program to be held. You will only attend for one year).
Although this is not a prerequisite, it is particularly desirable for students to:
• Students who are highly motivated to study math and science
• Students with high programming skills
• Students who have high logical thinking and creativity that surprises people around
• Students who have the ability to use science and technology to surprise the world
Q I live in an area away from Asahikawa. Can I participate?
Of the A programs, those held at our school on weekdays and nights (such as "experience-based courses") must be attended remotely at home via the Internet.
For programs that will be held at our school on Saturday afternoons (such as hands-on courses) and for facility tours that are held overnight, you will need to come to our school.
Q You have a selection test when you take the course. What is it?
A We will interview all applicants individually, make a comprehensive judgment based on the contents of the documents submitted in advance, and select the top 40 applicants.
Q Some days I cannot attend (participate) in my activities.
A I would like you to participate in all programs as much as possible, but if you have no choice, you can leave out. If you fail to attend, you will be able to watch the recorded video at a later date.
The willingness to participate in each program will be taken into account in the selection test when continuing in the second year.
Q I don't have an internet connection at home.
A In some cases, an Internet environment is required for remote lectures and assignment submissions. I think that it is possible to respond temporarily by using the guardian's smartphone at that time. In the unlikely event that you cannot attend the course, we will watch the recorded video at a later date.
Q I heard that the tuition is free. Is there any cost involved in the activities?
The A program includes "experience-based courses", "facility tours", "special lectures", and "self-exploration projects". It will be. In addition, for other programs, transportation expenses etc. required to travel to and from our school will be borne by ourselves.
Q I heard that there is also a selection test when you take the course in the second year. How is it selected? And what happens if you fall into that selection?
A About 10 students can take the second stage program that will be offered in the next year. 10 people After the completion of all programs in the first year, will make a comprehensive assessment of the evaluation (teacher/mentor (assistant student)/self) of each program.
We will continue to provide students who have missed the second round of study in other courses (open lectures at our school, open campuses, invitations to special lectures, etc.).
Q The day of the interview and the school event overlap, so it is not convenient. In that case, can't I apply?
A If you are not able to attend the interview due to school events, etc., please contact the following inquiries.

For inquiries about Hokkaido Junior Doctor Training School, please email us.

General Affairs Division Research Cooperation Section hjdc@asahikawa-nct.ac.jp
※ The at mark of the email address is written in uppercase. When sending an e-mail, please correct it to a lowercase at sign (@) and send it. )

Department in charge: Research Coordinator

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