General science and mathematics subjects

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General science and mathematics, in cooperation with the general humanities and specialized departments, aims to foster creative and scientific technologists with rich humanity and gentleness to humans and the environment.

General science and mathematics is similar to mathematics and science (physics, chemistry, biology, and geology) in lower grades, and is about the same as mathematics and science in science and technology universities in grades 1-2 (name: I am in charge of mathematics, physics and chemistry related subjects of undergraduate degree in applied mathematics) and physics (name: applied physics) and related electives, and majors.

The general science and mathematics department is a technician who can teach the basics of specialized subjects through these subjects, acquire scientific and logical thinking methods, and respond to the ever-evolving science and technology. Help me become

In addition, if you go to university or graduate school after graduating from our school, there are many cases where mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. are taken as examination subjects, and we also provide support for those who wish to enter the university.

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Department in charge: General Science and Mathematics

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