Harassment consultation room

If you feel you have been harassed, go to the Harassment Consultation Room

During various communications, even if there is no malicious intent, the behavior may hurt the other party. While there may be no special problems in the mutual trust relationship, the trust relationship may be one-way. At that time, the heart of the person who receives the unbelievable behavior will be hurt. If you continue to endure such behaviors, your mind will be lost without your knowledge. When I meet the person, I feel scared, I can't study, I can't take classes, and I can't go to school if I want to.

Please consult as soon as possible without becoming serious. The Harassment Consultation Office respects the privacy, honor, and other human rights of the parties and related parties, and adheres to the secrets we have learned. In solving the problem, we will respond to the problem, including the university-wide system.

In addition,Student Counseling Roomis responsible for student harassment consultation.

Contact list

Contact extension number E-mail
General Manager, Consultation Office Tomoko Osawa 8065 ohsawa (@) asahikawa-nct.ac.jp
Counselor Kodera Fumihiro 8046 kodera (@) asahikawa-nct.ac.jp
Advisor Abe aki 8035 abe (@) asahikawa-nct.ac.jp
Counselor Hayaguchi Masato 8020 hataguti (@) asahikawa-nct.ac.jp
Counselor Eguchi Atsushi 8169 eguchi (@) asahikawa-nct.ac.jp
Counselor Yoshiko Miyashita 8157 y_miya (@) asahikawa-nct.ac.jp
  • *When calling, please add "0166-55-" before the extension number.
  • *When sending an e-mail, change "(@)" in the E-mail address to "@".

Department in charge: General Affairs Division

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