Admission fees, tuition fees, scholarships

The fees required for admission are as follows.

Enrollment and tuition fees

Enrollment fee 84,600 yen
Tuition (half a year) 117,300 yen
Total 201,900 yen


Main course ※※ () is a transfer student

Student dues (including admission fee, annual fee) 8,000 yen
Textbooks and materials About 80,000 yen (about 35,000 yen)
Total About 88,000 yen (about 43,000 yen)

Department of Science

Textbooks and materials about 30,000 yen
Total about 30,000 yen

When moving into a dormitory

Both men's dormitory and women's dormitory * In the case of a private room, the boarding fee is 800 yen.

Boarding fee (monthly) 700 yen
Dormitory fee (monthly, depending on year) About 45,000 yen
Meishin Dorm Parents' Association dues
(including annual fee)
3,500 yen
Total Approximately 49,200 yen

Other expenses

Main course ※※ () is a transfer student

Supporting membership fee
(including admission fee, 5 years (2 years))
95,000 yen (44,000 yen)

Department of Science

Supporter fee (including admission fee, 2 years) 44,000 yen

Exemption of entrance and tuition fees

Enrollment fee exemption

If the student is sick or the student or student is affected by a storm or other disaster within one year before enrollment, the student will be exempted from the examination.

Tuition exemption

If payment is difficult due to financial reasons and the academic performance is excellent, the tuition fee for each semester of the first or second semester will be exempted upon examination. An application is required for each period.
審査 In addition, if the financial supporter dies or the financial supporter or the student suffers a disaster such as a storm or flood (6 months before the delivery date), it will be exempted upon examination.


Scholarships include scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization and scholarships from municipalities and private foundations where students come from. The Student Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Section is the contact point for scholarships of the Japan Student Services Organization.
ご Please note that scholarships may not be received in conjunction with other scholarships. In addition, there are some systems, such as public high school student scholarships, that do not allow students to attend the school, so it is recommended that you check carefully before proceeding.

School support money

The high school and other school enrollment support system is designed to provide a society where all willing high school students can study without worry, regardless of the family situation. High schools and other high schools will be provided with school support funds to reduce the burden of educational expenses at home.
Households who are under the National College of Technology (1st to 3rd grade) and have a municipal inhabitant tax income discount of less than 304,200 yen (annual income of about 9.10 million yen) are eligible for the enrollment support payment. Yen (118,800 yen per year) will be paid. The payment period is 36 months in principle. In addition, depending on the income of the parent or guardian (student's parent), a school support fee may be added or unpaid.

Department in charge: Student Section

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