How to request various certificates

B Claimant

Principal or an authorized representative

Billing method

[Request method ①] If you come directly to the school and make a request at the Student Affairs Affairs Desk

[Required for billing]

Either fill in the "Request for Issuance of Certificates" provided at the Student Affairs Office when you come to the school, or fill in the form data in advance and bring it with you. But it doesn't matter.

Since the certificate cannot be issued on the same day, please come to the school again or bring a smart letter for reply if you wish to mail it.

[Required items for receipt]

The following documents are required to confirm the identity or the identity of the agent when requesting the receipt and mailing of the certificate.

(if you request it)

  • Documents that can confirm your identity: license, passport, etc.

(if agent bills)

  • Document delegated the request by the principal (power of attorney): The form is optional, but it is necessary to specify the relationship between the principal and the agent and seal the principal.
  • Documents that can confirm the identity of the person and agent: license, passport, etc.

[Request method ①] When requesting by mail

[Required for billing]

  • "Request for various certificates"
    (Request formPDF versionExcel version)
    * Please fill in the above form data and create it.

  • Response smart letter etc. (* Please specify the address.)

  • Copies of documents (licenses, passports, etc.) that can identify you

Please enclose all required documents from (1) to (3) above and request.

Response smart letter etc. if you wish to send by mail

Please purchase a smart letter for reply at a post office, a convenience store, or other stamp sales office near you, and write the address of the reply destination.

In the case of a letter pack light, remove the "client storage sticker" before sending it to our school, and keep it at hand.

However, if the total number of requested certificates exceeds 20 copies, please contact the person in charge below.

○ Letter pack light

○ Smart letter

Days issued

Graduation/Completion Certificate About 1-2 days
Certificate of academic achievement and credit About 2-3 days
Survey form 4-5 days
English certificate about one week
  • Cannot be issued on the same day. Please request in time.
  • In the case of application by mail, the number of round-trip days required for mailing will be added to the above number of days.


  • Applications by telephone or e-mail are not accepted.
  • There is no fee for issuing certificates.
  • When requesting a certificate in English, please include the Romanized name of your name (as shown on your passport).
  • To reissue or rewrite the certificate of completion of gas welding skill training, go tohere. Please give me.
  • If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at the following phone number.

Service hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:00 (excluding holidays and New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3))

Asahikawa National College of Technology Student Affairs Section
Address 〒071-8142 Asahikawa City Harukodai 2 Article 2-chome

TEL 0166-55-8157
FAX 0166-55-8084

Department in charge: Student Section

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