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Advanced Course of Engineering

○ Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Graduate Study
Upon successfully passing exams given by the National Institution for Academic Degrees, graduates of the Advanced Course of Engineering will be granted a Bachelor of Science (Engineering) degree,
○ Responding to the Diversification of Advanced Technology
By strengthening cooperation between different disciplines, the advanced course aims to train the students to be engineers with a wide range of knowledge and technical skill, enabling them to meet the increasing demands of education and research activities flexibly, and to pursue studies in interdisciplinary areas of technology.
○ Emphasizing Research Activities
By enabling students to do special studies or attend special seminars, the advanced course also aims to educate students in various research and development activities. Students start the process by finding problems associated with various branches of engineering and setting goals, and end the process by finding a solution to the problems and achieving their goal.
○ Emphasizing Research Activities
The advanced course also aims to educate students in research and development activities by letting them do special studies or attend special seminars. This will enable them to perform a series of research processes. They will start by finding problems in a branch of engineering, establishing goals, and achieving those goals through problem solving.
○ Undergraduate and Continuing Education
The advanced course follows on from the material taught in the five-year regular course, enabling students to build on and further the knowledge and technical skills they have gained.
○ Professional Workers Continuing Education
The advanced course is open to professionals seeking to keep their knowledge current by continuing education.