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Technology Innovation Center

The Technology Innovation Center functions as a part of students' technical education, providing them with a place to do practical work such as experiments, or to conduct graduation research or special research projects. It also provides technical support for teachers' research, and is the venue for a range of seminars and conferences, such as:

  • Technical Seminar for Technical Specialist: These provide teaching staff with information on advances in technology, and widen their knowledge of fields outside their specialties.
  • Technical Specialist, Conference: Technical Specialists provide each other with annual updates on their progress in their respective fields.
  • A conference where the four Hokkaido national colleges of technology provide updates on their work
  • SD Conference for Technical Specialist: A conference where Technical Specialist bring up matters requiring discussion or consultation
    It is also used for some of the school's community activities. Classes open to the general public are held here, including introductory welding classes and classes for elementary and junior high school students.
Technical Education and Support
  • Practical work such as experiments
  • Graduation research and special research
  • Teachers, research, building equipment for experiments
  • Robocon robotics competition

Machinery Building Session

Conferences and Seminars
  • Technical Seminar for Technical Specialist
  • Technical Specialist, Conference
  • Updates on Research Outside the School
  • Various other seminars and conferences

SD Conference for Technical Specialist

Community Activities
  • Open Lectures
  • Hands-On Classes
  • Lectures for Future Engineers

Public Workshop (Welding)


  • Basic Technology Group: Operation of the Center, budget management etc.
  • Education and Research Group: Planning and execution of experiments, maintenance and management of mechanical equipment
  • Creation and Development Group: Planning and execution of seminars, conferences, public lectures etc., maintenance and management of HP