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Humanities and Social Science Subjects

Course Aims

The Humanities and Social Science Subjects works with the Mathematical and Scientific Subjects and the four specialist departments to give the students a well-rounded education. The Subjects aims to provide students with the basic academic abilities needed to sufficiently understand the engineering and chemical material they will be learning. Course objectives are as follows:

  • To improve students' ability to communicate with others in Japanese and a foreign language, and thereby gain better understanding of different cultures. To enable students to take responsibility for how the results of their new knowledge and technology will affect society,
  • To teach students the workings and significant features of modern society, and to educate them in the ethics expected of engineers, so that they will be willing to take full
  • To foster self-discipline and creativity, and train students to see things from a global viewpoint in order to contribute to the welfare of their local community,
  • To encourage proactive thinking, learning and action, and promote healthy bodies and minds, to help students to function as valuable citizens.


Title Name Specialized field(s)
SOGAWA, Katsuaki English Education, English Idioms Research
Professor HIRANO, Tomohiko Hokkaido History, Ancient Maps of Hokkaido
ISHIMOTO, Hiroyuki Chinese Philosophy, Japanese Literature
TANIGUCHI, Makiko International Relations Law, Intellectual Property Law
SUZUKI, Tomoki TESOL, Sociolinguistics
KURAMOCHI, Shinobu Ancient Japanese Literature
NEMOTO, Akira Western History, Economic History
KONISHI, Takuya History of Physical Education
HONJO, Tadahiro English and American Literature
SAKURAI, Yasuko Linguistics
MIZUNO,Yuko English Linguistics
KIMOTO, Rika Sports Physiology, Health Science
SAWAYA, Yusuke English Education