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President Message

President Keiichiro Shimizu,Ph.D

Asahikawa National College of Technology is the northernmost of the 51 national colleges of technology in Japan. Established in 1962 along with 11 other colleges, it has a long history as one of Japan,s first national colleges of technology. Numerous expansions and reforms have seen Asahikawa National College of Technology grow to a higher education institution with 160 students across four departments: the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Department of Systems, Control and Information Engineering and the Department of Materials Chemistry. Its goal is to nurture future engineers, and the college has thus far produced 5,909 graduates. Courses are five years long. While standard Japanese high school courses revolve around university entrance examinations, courses at ANCT have a strong focus on practicalwork such as experiments, allowing students to hone key skills such as problem solving for engineering. The college is also helping Japan to keep up with the globalization of the manufacturing industry, by training internationally-minded engineers, working with the community and strengthening research efforts. The Meisei Dormitories provide accommodation for 300 students, male and female, and the group life improves students' cooperation and leadership skills. In 1999, ANCT also began to offer two advanced courses: the Advanced Course of Production System Engineering and the Advanced Course of Applied Chemistry. Each two-year course is open to 16 students, and deepens the knowledge and technical skills students gained during their five years in the regular course. Students who achieve the necessary number of credits and pass the examinations are awarded bachelors' degrees. The advanced course includes a month-long internship, in Japan or overseas, giving students an opportunity to improve their skills on the job and gain first-hand experience in their chosen industry. There are also a great deal of extracurricular and voluntary activities, and a student association. Students can take part in events open to all 51 national colleges of technology, such as Robocon, a robotics competition; Procon, a programming competition; Dezacon, a design competition; and Precon, a competition for English presentations. They can also compete in one of 14 events in the inter-college sports tournament. ANCT has won awards at Robocon three times, and won the national college of technology baseball championship twice.