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Mathematical and Scientific Subjects

Course Aims

The Mathematical and Scientific Subjects works with the Humanities and Social Science Subjects and other specialist departments to ensure students have the necessary academic abilities needed to understand the contents of specialized courses. Course objectives are as follows:

  • To provide students with an understanding of the principles and laws of mathematics and natural sciences, and the ability to think logically and scientifically,
  • To train students to adapt to the constant advances in science and technology


Title Name Specialized field(s)
Professor KONDO, Shin-ichi Mathematics, Mathematical Education
NAGAOKA, Kouichi Mathematical Education,History of Mathematics, Applied Algebra
OKAJIMA, Yoshitoshi Condensed Matter Physics
FURIHATA, Yasuhiko Relativity and Gravitation, Cosmology
TOMINAGA, Norio Functional Analysis, Mathematical Physics
OHSAWA, Tomoko Functional Analysis, Operator Theory
OKUMURA, Kazuhiro Differential Geometry, Submanifold Theory
MATSUI, Hidenori Galactic Astronomy
YOSHIDA, Masanori Synthetic Organic Chemistry