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Meisei Dormitory

Meisei Dormitory
Dormitory residents will learn the spirit of cooperation and friendships with their fellow students and understand the relationship between junior and senior students.
They will learn independence, respect for rules and regulations and self-control.

Meisei Dormitory

Facilities and Equipments

Management Building
Residence rooms for international students (9 rooms), dining room, lounge, shop, bathroom, office, multipurpose room, international room.
Male Hall of Residence
Capacity 259
Rooms with bed, desk, chair and locker; kitchen, lounge, laundry room
Female Hall of Residence
Capacity 35
Rooms with bed, desk, chair and locker; dining room, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, laundry room, matron's room
Number of Dormitory Students(2014.4.1)
School year Number of dormitory students
1st 56 (10)
2nd 54 (3)
3rd 56 (5) [1]
4th 53 (1) [3]
5th 44 (3) [1]
total 263 (22) [5]

( );Female students,〔 〕; Foreign students