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The library is used by students as a quiet place to work on reports or graduation theses, while teachers use it actively use it for educational research activities. The library contains approximately 110,000 books, and the library operates on an open-shelf system, meaning that students can browse and borrow from the stacks as they please. The library also has a magazine corner which contains many up-to-date publications, and an audio-visual corner in which students can watch DVDs and videos, and listen to CDs. In the research corner, students can find the information they are looking for using the OPAC book search system, database for searching academic papers, and "Electronic Journal" that enables students to read academic papers on the web. The library also constantly operates a request post system which aims to provide all of the necessary reading materials that the students require.
The library is also open to members of the public as well as students.

  • Library Reading Room

  • Journal Reading Corner

  • Research Corner

  • Audio-visual Corner

Library Usage(2016)

Number of Users 27,238
Number of Days Open 263
Average Number of Users per Day 103.6

Book Borrowing(2016)

Category Students Teachers Members of the Publi Total
Borrowers 1,568 226 36 1,830
Books & Magazines Borrowed 3,316 501 87 3,904

Collection (As of March 31. 2014)

Category Japanese Foreign Total
Books 97,378 11,232 108,610
Magazines 416 145 561
Audio/ Visual Materials Video tapes 414 414
DVD's 991 991

Using of Extension Time(2014)

Classification Saturday Weekday Evenings
Number of Days Open 34 182
Total Number of Users 1,415 6,077
Average Number of Users per Day 41.6 33.4
Books and Magazines Borrowed 178 1,071
Average Number of Books borrowed per Day 5.2 5.9

Opening Hours

Open Closed

Weekdays : 9:00am - 7:45pm

Saturday : 9:00am - 4:30pm

Weekdays during spring, summer, winter and end-of-year vacations
Sundays, public holidays, New Year holiday and Saturdays during spring, summer, winter and end-of-year vacations